Will Franz Castel return in Nuit Blanche?  We have the answer

The shooting of the second part of Nuit blanche has started recently.

Earlier in the week, we caught up with Marlis Bourque while watching the After the Flood series and asked her about the long-awaited return of this Quebec production.

First, we wanted to know if Frans Castiel would be making a comeback even though she died at the beginning of the first season.

« Yes, she is coming back », she confirms to us. “ The plot this time takes place in 1980 and 2023, but let’s go back to 2020-2021 to get clues. The characters remember certain things, which leads us to go back in time and, therefore, discover Frances Castle. Let’s not just listen during the commentary, but watch this time too. ” good news!

The action of this second season picks up five minutes after the events of the last episode, when Clemens’ body is found in his kitchen.

The actress can’t say much about what awaits her character in the sequel, but still tries these few words: ” I can tell Marlene will make strange choices to protect her family. It’s a tight-knit clan. The company depends on each of them and no one should go down. This is what Marlene will deal with by interfering, and it will lead her to make poor choices ».

The second season of Nuit Blanche will be available on Amazon Prime. However, the release date has not been announced yet.

Actor Jean-Philippe Berras told us about his character’s return in Nuit Blanche.

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