Elections 2024. Origins of President Rzeszow.  5 thousand zlotys in the account

According to the declaration of assets filed by Konrad Figolek on February 29, the mayor of Rzeszow had only 5,000 Polish zlotys. Zloty. He also did not enter any foreign currencies, stocks or shares in trading companies. There is no point in looking for a car – the president does not have one.

In addition to the above savings, the mayor showed that he earned PLN 60,000 in January-February this year. Total 503 PLN under the employment contract. This gives an average total of PLN 30,251.5 per month.

However, Konrad Figolek showed a house, an apartment and two plots of land in his asset declaration. The first mentioned property has an area of ​​178 square meters. Its value in the document is estimated at PLN 450,000. Zloty. However, it does not belong solely to the mayor of Rzeszow – he has indicated that he is entitled to half of the property.

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