Series veteran says “Grey's Anatomy” was “too successful” to stop

Freshly renewed for a 21st season, the medical series “Grey's Anatomy” has been discontinued as a “huge success,” one of its former cast members, Giacomo Gianniotti, told AFP while visiting the Cannes Film Festival in southeast Cannes. France.

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“We can't stop this series, it's so successful,” said Dr. Andrew DeLuca, who played Dr. Andrew DeLuca for six seasons, from 2015 to 2021, until his character's tragic end, in General Hospital. The most attractive of the little ones. Screen.

“If this series works, it's because it has a model. Yes, we love these characters. Yes, we love the hospital, but it's really a way of telling stories about what's going on in society,” the Italian-Canadian actor explains.

He tackled the themes of “LGBTQ, different religions, laws, women's rights”. We use this thread to talk about these things. (…) When we have such a model, it can always be done, because we are constantly talking about what is happening in the world right now, in the news,” he adds.

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However, in search of a broadcaster in France, he moved on to something else with his new series, “Wild Cards,” which was presented in Cannes on Sunday.

In this American-Canadian police comedy, he stars opposite Vanessa Morgan (“Riverdale”) and Jason Priestley (“Beverly Hills”) as a low-ranking cop who is brought in to work with a bubbly con artist.

The actor, who was recruited for the 11th season of “Grey's Anatomy,” argued that it was “fun to be the main character of the series and participate in creating something new,” of which he was able to direct one episode before leaving.

This is the first time the call has been made in France. “When I come to Italy (where he was born, editor's note), my grandmother kidnaps me,” he laughs.

ABC's “Grey's Anatomy” has been renewed for a 21st season, US media reported on Tuesday, breaking the series' own longest-running record.

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