Record low number of remaining bills.  Taxpayer success or failure?

As “PB” wrote, Last year’s anti-tax effects against bogus VAT invoices were the weakest in many years. The newspaper indicates that 178 thousand. Fake bills detected are many times less than what was discovered a few years ago. “Its value – 9 billion PLN – is a record low result– emphasizes on “Puls Biznesu”.

Record low number of remaining bills. Ministry explains

The Ministry of Finance claims – as we have read – that it has significantly impeded the activities of the scammers.

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When interpreting the above data, this must be taken into account Fewer dummy bills circulating are associated with actions taken to shut down the tax system, As well as strict control. The more effective the sealing mechanisms and tools for verifying taxpayer settlements, the more dishonest entities fear that an illegal practice will be discovered and punished for it.

The Ministry of Finance noted that the introduction of legislative changes in the field of taxation in recent years, the implementation of mandatory reporting STIR or JPK undoubtedly affected the number of fictitious invoices.

“The introduction of the provisions of the Penal Code to punish crimes related to falsifying value-added tax invoices, in particular the introduction of value-added tax crimes, also helped to tighten the system. These changes play an important preventive role and discourage the commission of value-added tax crimes, ”- says the press office of the Ministry of Finance, citing About Paul Businessso.

The prime minister is proud of his tax collection

According to Prime Minister Morawiki, the government will shut down the tax system PIS Increasing budget revenues from PLN 300 billion to PLN 600 billion in eight years.

We hunted down these vat mafia, these scoundrels, scoundrels, financial criminalsTo which they turned a blind eye, Prime Minister Moraviki argued at the beginning of the year.

However, according to some experts, the increased impact is only on paper. These are imposed taxes and are not due. The state will have to return some of it to the companies.

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