This is what Polish companies fear most in the world

The high prices of raw materials and the energy produced from them did not only affect family budgets. They also overshadow the running of the business– We read in the “Rzeczpospolita”.

Polish businessmen fear it more than anyone else in the world

According to a study conducted by Dun & Bradstreet in 18 countries, “Rzeczpospolita” described its findings as the first, It is the expensive energy that worries managers most often.

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In Poland, more than in other countries, because the percentage that indicates this threat in Poland reaches 60%.. , while the global average is just over 42 percent. In Europe, there are still countries that have 50 percent. indicators, but, for example, in the United States or India, energy prices keep sleep below 30 percent. The newspaper said.

As confirmed by Tomasz Starzyk, a spokesperson for Dun & Bradstreet, reported by the daily: “Medium-sized entrepreneurs are most afraid of rising energy prices“.

– up to 72 percent. Companies with an annual income of 5 to 50 million PLN and about 70 percent. Companies with 50 to 250 employees. The largest companies react more calmly – says Starzyk.

From an industry perspective The most expensive energy is afraid of: gastronomy, production, transportation and trade. From the publisher’s point of view, the biggest problem is the cost of the newspaper. Although their stock prices have fallen, the valuation of printing is still high.

In addition to expensive electricity, businesses also consider new taxes, bureaucracy, higher operating costs, or weak demand to be serious risks. The commercial sector is also feeling it strongly.

A shield for energy-intensive businesses. The resort is preparing for changes

Recently, aid for the energy-intensive industry has been distributed according to the old rules. The Ministry of Development is now working on new projects to increase the number of beneficiaries

Development Minister Waldemar Boda told the “DGP” that the changes would go in two directions. First of all – as stated in the daily report – getting help will be easier than before. So far, it can be addressed to companies that not only have an appropriate share of energy or gas in production costs (minimum 3%), but can also show the appropriate PKD codes (they designate the company’s area of ​​activity – editorial note)

According to the results of the “DGP”, it seems that more companies will be able to get money from the program than before. And there will be about 5 billion PLN to be distributed. However, this is not the end of the changes, because – as the newspaper pointed out – the ministry is considering creating an additional program. He was predicting it Companies that will start implementing the energy transition can get more financing.

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