In addition to the 13th and 14th pensions, retirees will also receive additional financial benefits

Even a low pension can increase significantly if you take advantage of the allowances and benefits available to older people. What can you actually use? How do we make sure that the pension we receive is actually greater? Retirement benefit supplements, and sometimes also an annuity, are something that is definitely worth including in the family budget… If necessary, it is also worth applying for pension supplements 2023. What’s worth remembering?


The problem of high inflation particularly affected those who had the least from the beginning. This group includes many retirees whose benefits are generally not high. However, there are many add-ons available for it – some have been around for years, others are relatively new solutions. where do I start?

For a few years Retirees also receive additional benefits, which are called annuities 13 and 14. In the first case, it was equivalent to the lowest pension after benchmarking. This money was paid in April, and then a higher pension was received in total. The 14th is paid in September, and finally it was decided that it should also be paid every year. We’ve written about it >>>Totag<<. It must be remembered that in the thirteenth case it was a gross pension. Net applies to the fourteenth pension.


From September, retirees can expect an additional thirteenth salary…

Difficult economic situation It got some people interested to see if other benefits would emerge. But the idea of ​​a fifteenth retirement is currently rejected. It can be assumed that the difficult economic situation makes it impossible to finance the additional pension in 2023.

Special honors are given to retireesWho will be 100 years old. In their case, they are entitled to an honorary pension, that is, a special monthly honorary grant for those who reach the age of 100. As of March 1, 2023, the total honorary pension amounts to PLN 5,540.25. Although this amount changes every year, it is not subject to indexation. Moreover, ZUS pays the benefit automatically, except in cases where the centenarian does not receive any pension and is therefore not included in the scheme. So you are still entitled to the benefit, but you must apply for payment.

Supplemental Parental Benefit Mama 4 plus It is another addition to the pension, which is a satisfaction for large families. How does this affect the amount of the retirement pension? In practice, the child birth allowance is given to both parents and is therefore not technically a provision for the birth of a child, but merely a child allowance. The pension is equal to the lowest pension. Its total amounts to PLN 1,588.44. Moreover, it is available to people who are giving up their careers and raising children.

In 2023, the pension index was gross 250 zlotys, i.e. net 227.50 zlotys. The official index rate was 14.8%, as a result of the level of inflation. We’ve written more in the text below:

In 2023, seniors will have access to a number of very attractive discounts and exemptions that will significantly improve their well-being in life.  These mitigations are not for everyone, and to take advantage of some of them, you must meet specific requirements.  What is worth knowing about discounts and allowances for seniors?  Details >>>”/></div>
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Retirees will benefit from new subsidies and attractive incentives

In the second half of 2023, some retirees can count on an additional cash injection. This is due to the reduction in the tax rate for retirees from 17 to 12 percent. As a result, the Polish Order guarantees that pensioners in 2023 will be compensated for the higher taxes paid in 2023.

The supplementary allowance that retirees can apply for is the so-called 500 plus for seniors. The monthly allowance requires meeting several conditions and submitting the appropriate application. This is an option for:

  • persons with disabilities;
  • People are unable to live independently.
  • People over 75 years of age;
  • People receiving care allowance.

The income criterion is also important – as of March 1, 2023, the 500 plus bonus is given to people who have a disability pension, retirement pension or a gross income of less than PLN 2,157.80.

Talk about care allowance. It is available in two cases:

  1. In the event of total inability to work;
  2. If you are over 75 years old.

In the second case, you do not need to make any request, and ZUS itself will start adding the appropriate addon. Likewise, this supplement will be paid for by KRUS itself. Conversely, in the case of persons completely incapable of work and existence, a certificate from the ZUS forensic pathologist is required. The care allowance as of March 1, 2023 amounts to PLN 294.39. This allowance is subject to annual indexation.

you want to know, How to increase your pension? We explain! Check below

People working in rescue services, such as the volunteer fire department, as volunteer firefighters and mountain rescuers, are entitled to a special allowance of PLN 200 to their pension each month. This is a lifetime allowance that is independent of other benefits received. In the case of women over 60, 20 years of active service, for example in a volunteer fire department, is sufficient. In the case of men over 65 years of age, they must have at least 25 years of active involvement in rescue operations.

Village heads who have held office for two terms (at least 8 years) without the need for continuous terms can count on a special bonus. After reaching retirement age (65 for men and 60 for women). The value of this benefit is up to 300 PLN. In addition, they are indexed similarly to pensions, and payment is made via KRUS. Obtaining the benefit also requires submitting an appropriate application.

Below are the calculations for expected retirement benefits.  What is the combined profit?  Details here!  >>>>”/></div>
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More financial assistance available for many people, including retirees…

This allowance is given to people aged 75 years and above. By definition, care allowance is intended to cover costs resulting from the need to care for a person who is at least partially unable to live independently. Currently, this benefit amounts to PLN 215.84. However, the benefit amount is verified every 3 years, and the next procedure will be carried out in 2024.

Low-income families can apply for a special gas allowance. The gross income threshold is currently PLN 2,100 in a single-person household or a total of PLN 1,500 per person in a multi-person household. The amount of the supplement is equivalent to the VAT paid on gas in 2023. You can only receive a refund upon request, which is made within 30 days of receipt of the gas invoice. Applications are submitted to the municipality.

It often happens that a husband dies early in a marriage. Men are also more likely to receive higher pensions. This currently gives the widow (or widower) the option of drawing on 80% of her husband’s pension instead of her own. However, there are civic projects that respond to this problem. We’ve written more about the new widow’s pension solutions in a separate article below:

There are several bonuses that retirees were entitled to in 2022, but they did not receive them this year. In 2023 we missed:

  • Additional charges for set-top box and TV.
  • Allowance coverage for retirees.
  • Carbon additive.

It’s happening in Poland and around the world – read on

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