February 9, 2023


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Elden Ring production has ended - the game will reach gold status

Elden Ring production has ended – the game will reach gold status

elden ring He will get a gold status, which means that the production of the game is over. This information was shared by FromSoftware developer Yasuhiro Kitao during the Taipei Game Show 2022 event. You can watch a full interview with him below.

We can hear Keto’s statement about the game’s golden status at the end of the conversation. When asked whether the production elden ring Little replied:

elden ring It was originally supposed to debut in January of this year, after which it was pushed back to February. However, we assure you that the title will be ready for sale starting from February 25th. The main game is now over and we are currently working on a patch that will be released upon releaseTo make sure everything is fine.

Kitao also pointed out some other issues related to elden ring, including the length of the game. As the manufacturer claims, The main story is designed for about 30 hours. However, the size of the map and the ability to explore definitely have the potential to keep the big players in the world elden ring.

So we can expect it Most anticipated Game on Steam without notes It will go to fans on February 25. We can also be quiet about the length of the game, which is easily accessible. FromSoftware’s production will be available for PC and PS4, PS5, XOne, and XSX/S consoles.

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