Battlefield 2042 after Steam's Top 100;  The number of players drops to less than a thousand
April 11, 2022, 19:25

Battlefield 2042 was long overdue when there were 100,000 Steam users in the game at the same time.

creators Battlefield 2042 You have cause for concern. In terms of the number of players on Steam, it has long overtaken the title previous version a series (And up to BF4) And he himself disappeared from List of the 100 most popular productions on Steam. Anyway, he won’t be back soon, since then Today is the number of people playing Battlefield 2042 At the same time, it fell below 1,000 users on the Valve platform for the first time (via Steam . Charts And SteamDB).

Battlefield 2042 lost most of its players

So far, it was only a temporary deterioration in form. at BF 2042 At the same time, more than 1.5 thousand Steam players are still enjoying themselves. However, this is not a reason to be proud of a game from a high-budget series that is not on the market even for six months.

You can comfort yourself that this is not the level marvel avengers. The performance of this production was already worse a month later Since its inception, he is currently playing it An average of several hundred Steam users same time.

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Battlefield 2042 is approaching the bottom;  Already Goes To Less Than A Thousand Players On Steam - Illustration #1

Source: SteamDB.

Players are complaining about Battlefield 2042

It is easy to point out the reasons for this Battlefield 2042 Although it lost popularity very quickly Excellent results employment the first show. many errors And Controversy over production They certainly did not help, but the main problem is the slow development of the game. Season 1 with new content we will get Only in the summer.

This is because the developers focus on defining the title, which – although understandable – says a lot about the current situation Battlefield 2042. On the other hand, the fact that after a few months the players are still waiting for the final scoreboards, and only their functional version – let’s call it that – At the beginning of MarchIt allows you to understand the community’s persistent complaints about the slow development of the game.

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