Mateusz Bogosz, Beech from Polish actor.  He has a long gap

Sad news has arrived from Spain. Matthews Bogoch, loaned to Ibiza, who plays in Segunda, has injured his knee ligaments. Usually, such injuries cause players to stop playing for several months. It is likely that the 20-year-old will face this unpleasant experience. And that while he was in very good shape.

– Yes, I definitely have the best moments. I’m happy with the goals and the assists, but my stats could be better – he said a few days ago in an interview with Przegląd Sportowy.

Bogusz is a representative of the U-21 team, one of the leaders. He appeared in it for several years, when Cheslav Michnovich was still her definite. The same coach wanted to bring him to Legia Warszawa, but Leeds loaned him to Spain, where he helped Ibiza advance to La Liga.

– Ibiza was the most specific. As for Legia, Leeds didn’t want my metaphor there. At the club, they thought that the Polish league was not a good direction, and they recommended Ibiza to me, and they knew the coach who was in charge of the team at that time – he explained in an interview with PS.

Currently, the Polish club is in eighth place, but the loss in the playoffs is only 4 points. Well, the 20-year-old is unlikely to help his colleagues in the fight for a promotion. His loan expires on June 30, 2022. Bogoch played 22 matches for Ibiza, scoring four goals and scoring seven assists.

No wonder more and more has been said about the midfielder in the context of calling up the first Polish national team. Especially since the team will soon take over its duties by a new coach who may pay attention to the player.

– Maybe he will, although I know that the second Spanish league is not considered to be ahead. I focus on the game. I have to prove myself with every match. At the moment, I’m a member of the Under-21 team, and I’m not looking to the future. I focus on what is now. Of course, the national team is the dream of every player. Will it be soon or in a few years, but I hope to one day find myself in the cast – Bogoch explained.

– You’ve taken a big step forward. It’s not just about the game itself. I definitely strengthened myself mentally. Tough moment behind me, but I was able to recover from a worse period at Logrons when I wasn’t playing much. I was able to get into the team, take a step forward, but I want to be better – he said and I have to admit that, especially at this point, a strong psyche would be beneficial for the 20-year-old.

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