The new Xbox won't be a traditional console [Aktualizacja]
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May 27 2022, 22:44

Microsoft confirms that it is working on a new Xbox console. However, the device will not be a more powerful version of the X / S series, and will focus on the most popular technology.

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After this news was released, Microsoft send a statement Windows Central About Xbox Keystone. In it, he asserts that it is a game streaming device.

As we announced last year, we’ve been working on a game streaming device, codenamed Keystone, that can plug into any TV or monitor without the need for a console.

However, the rest of the statement may indicate that the hardware launch will not be too early – perhaps even in a few years. Microsoft admits that it has withdrawn from the chosen path and changed the concept of the device.

As with any technology project, we constantly evaluate our efforts, analyze the experience gained, and ensure that they deliver value to our clients. We have made the decision to opt out of the current version of Keystone [wyróżnienie – red.]. We’ll use the experience we’ve gained and refocus our efforts on a new approach that will allow us to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to more gamers around the world in the future.

Content of the original message

Microsoft is still looking for a way to help its products reach as many users as possible. Its offering includes two current-generation consoles – the Xbox Series X and the Series S variant. The company is focused on developing its streaming offering in the form of Project xCloud. Flow should be the main functionality of the new console that Microsoft has prepared.

Xbox Keystone, since this device is given this code name, it is not new, information about it has already appeared in Walk. Then a data maker shared a screenshot showing the company’s codename for other codenames like “Scarlett,” which are actually compatible with Xbox Series X/S consoles.

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The existence of the Xbox Keystone has been confirmed by Microsoft (via Tech Spot). The company added, however, that it is not currently ready to offer the device. So it is expected that a possible premiere will definitely not take place this year.

But what is Xbox Keystone? From the information provided by the site Windows Central Explains that it will be a small gadget in the form of a TV. Thus, Microsoft’s solution is similar to the Chromecast or the popular Xiaomi Mi Box in Poland.

You can buy Xbox Game Pass here

Currently, Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can stream games on Xbox One, Series X/S consoles, mobile devices, and almost any PC. However, the emergence of a cheaper alternative in the form of Xbox Keystone will allow further expansion of broadcasting, and, accordingly – the acquisition of new subscribers.

The purchase of such a device will practically eliminate the need for a relatively expensive console (especially for “Sunday” gamers). The Xbox Keystone is also expected to allow the use of multimedia applications such as Netflix, Disney + or HBO Max.


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