UK: New Education Minister Andrea Jenkins showed people the middle finger

The accident occurred on Thursday in Downing Street. However, the case was not announced until the end of the week, when photos and videos showing the whole situation were posted on the network.

Britain’s new education minister, Andrea Jenkins, has arrived in Downing Street to hear in person a statement from Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has resigned as Conservative Party leader. The politician announced that he would remain prime minister “until the emergence of a new leader.”

Entering a building, Andrea Jenkins “greeted” the crowd on the street with her middle finger.

With the internet inundated with negative comments, the politician issued a statement on the matter. She explained that she made a gesture in response to the behavior of the people who were supposed to insult her. She also added, “Unfortunately this is very common” and she herself has been the victim of “a tremendous amount of abuse by some people” for years.

“I’ve received seven death threats in the past four years. Two of them have been in recent weeks and the police are now investigating. You’ve reached the end of the ropes,” she said on Twitter.

“I answered and defended myself. Just why would anyone have to put up with this kind of treatment. I should have shown more restraint, but I’m just human,” she said.

Jeff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and University Leaders, commented on the issue and said the new minister’s explanations were insufficient.

“In my 32 years as a teacher, 15 of them as a manager, I have dealt with a lot of inappropriate behavior – from young people and staff. The phrase ‘I’m only human’ wasn’t a good excuse for any of them,” he wrote on Twitter.

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