Ukrainians like Poles less and less

The Razumkov Center conducted a study examining the attitude of Ukrainians towards foreign countries. The final report indicated that the majority of survey participants expressed a positive attitude towards Canada (93%), Latvia (93%), Great Britain (92%), Lithuania (92%), France (92%) and Estonia (91%). .

High rates were also recorded in Germany (90%), the Czech Republic (89%), the Netherlands (87.5%), the United States of America (80%), Moldova (77%), Romania (70%), and Slovakia (70%). ) and Turkey (68%). Interestingly, Poland recorded a serious decline in the ranking. Only 58 percent of Ukrainians currently speak positively about our country. In a study conducted in February of this year, 79 percent of Ukrainians consider our country a friend. For comparison, in 2023, the percentage of positive opinions about Poland was 94%.

Hungary (for obvious reasons, Belarus and Russia were not included in the study) received the most negative evaluations (63%).

Ukrainians are angry about the border blockade

Participants were also asked to rate the negative impact of external events and operations on Ukraine on a five-point scale from 1 to 5, where “1” means no impact and “5” means a very strong negative impact.

Ukrainian citizens negatively assess the impact of problems in relations with Poland, in particular the long-term blockade of the border with Ukraine by Polish farmers and transport companies (average negative impact rating is 4.5 points)

Other places were occupied by: disagreement in the domestic politics of the United States, obstruction of military and financial support for Ukraine (4.4 points), unfriendly policy of the Hungarian authorities, obstruction of the process of European integration of Ukraine (4.3 points), and complications. The political, social and economic situation in Europe, the growing “fatigue” with the war in Ukraine (4.2 points), and the inability of global and regional security structures to prevent the escalation of conflicts on the world stage, in particular to stop Russian aggression (4.2 points).

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