Polish tourists are stuck on vacation.  due to flight problems

TVN24 describes the story of 180 tourists who were unable to return to Katowice from Gran Canaria on Friday (24 June). The flight was canceled and passengers were offered another flight on June 28. – We were told that no plane could take us. One office customer said the first available flight would be Tuesday night.

Itaka states in its official Facebook profile that “the above measures are necessary to modernize the communications network, which was imposed by the sudden circumstances caused by the withdrawal of one of the carriers from servicing our rental operations.”

According to the travel agency, “After the difficult period of the epidemic, the aviation industry, which at that time led to a significant reduction in employment opportunities, this summer is experiencing serious problems for employees, which directly affects the availability of cabin crew and ground service.”

Flight problems. It’s because of the hits

The travel agency recalls the strikes or temporary closures of airspace in Tunisia, Amsterdam and Switzerland that were supposed to have caused a chain reaction not only to scheduled flights in Europe, but also to changes in charter flights.

One of the charter airlines withdrew from the contract, causing a “domino effect” in the meticulously constructed communications network updated with additional flights. This fact contributed to the need to make a very difficult decision, which is the cancellation of selected flights at the beginning of the high season on summer 22, and several changes in the flight schedule – explains Itaka.

Special offer for customers

The travel agency offers alternative flights for canceled passengers that can be changed without paying a 20% difference in price. The total price of the canceled event.

For customers who have not decided to take advantage of the exchange offers, we guarantee a prompt refund – inform Itaka.

Itaka asserts that 90 percent. The planned flights are not affected by the effects of changing the communication network, which, however, does not exclude “some operational changes”. These are the flights operated by PLL LOT, Enter Air, Smart Wings, Electra Airlines, BUZZ (Ryanair Sun), European Air Charter, Nouvelair, Sky Express and Alba Wings.

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