“Dune: Part Two”: Austin Butler is in difficult circumstances on the set.  Deadly temperatures
The much-awaited show “Dunee: Part 2” will soon hit cinema screens. In one of the recent interviews, Austin Butler, also known as Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen, talked about the circumstances of filming and working on his character.

Austin Butler on working on the set of “Dune: Part Two”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Austin Butler spoke about the difficult conditions on the set of “Dune: Part Two.” Some of these materials were manufactured in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, where temperatures were very high.

It was 110 degrees [Fahrenheita, ok. 43 stopni Celsjusza – przyp. E.L.] – He said. I was wearing a bald hat and was between two movie sets 200 feet high [ok. 60 metrów] Gray boxes filled with sand. It felt like a microwave in there. People were fainting from the heat. This was only my first week.

The actor also spoke about working on his character. His voice was an important part of his creation.

Since he grew up around the Baron, the Baron must have had a great influence on him in many ways. So I started thinking about the way he speaks and how it relates to the person I saw as the strongest from childhood and who you are trying to emulate.

Donna on the podcast I have some comments

We remind you of the podcast episode I have some comments in which Julia Taczanovska and Jakub Bubilecki talk about “Dune”:

Watch the trailer for the movie “Dune: Part 2”

In “Dune: Part 2” Austin Butler plays Paul Atreides' antagonist, Ved Rutha Harkonnen. Watch the trailer:

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