“Uncertainty”: A film about young love by Adam Mickiewicz will be released in theaters on… Valentine’s Day

“suspicion” It will be a painting dedicated to “Adam Mickiewicz’s Youthful Love for Marela Wiereszczakowna”. “The holiday trip takes the 22-year-old poet to an idyllic country house near Novogrodek. Thomas Zahn, Adam’s friend from the Philomaths Society, is often in love with Marilla, the owner’s daughter, and is unhappy. Marilla remains insensitive to the advances of “But he quickly draws attention to the newcomer. Adam reciprocates the interest but tries to hold back for his friend’s sake. The feeling among young people is growing every moment. When Zhan has to leave, it seems that the obstacles on the way to fulfilled love have been overcome, and the notebook of the happy poet is filled with new poems – we read in the description published on the website of the Polish Television Information Center.

In an interview with PAP, director and co-screenwriter Waldemar Zarek He stated that the idea for a film about Adam Mickiewicz had been with him for a long time. “I am a graduate of Adam Mickiewicz High School in Warsaw. Mickiewicz Preparatory School for Boys was also located two houses away from my house. When I was 10 years old, I took piano lessons there. While in high school, I saw hundreds of portraits and statues Half by Mickiewicz. Also, this character has been with me practically from the beginning. Later, with my friend Jacek Janczarski, we were supposed to write something for Marian Terlecki, who became the head of the vision. And so we started switching between Mickiewicz. Jacek knew about 20% of “Ban Tadeusz” by heart, as well as many other pieces. As for me, I was not good at it, because I was not a good student like him. But when I was ill, I read Pan Tadeusz by “My pleasure,” he said.

According to Sarek, the years 1820-1823 were an important period in the poet’s life. “We are talking about the period when Mickiewicz became aware of the world in which he lived. In a sense, his love for Marilla helped him find himself. We are 200 years away from that story, but feelings do not change. They – on the contrary – “Of course, It’s hard to fall in love at my age, but I can imagine it. The co-authors of “Niepewność” – Pawel Juric and Zuzana Zarek – are younger. My daughter is over 30 years old. “So you just have to imagine what it’s like. And try to make it emotional,” he explained.

Maryla Wereszczakówna is the one who creates the character Alexandra Piotrowska. Played by Adam Mickiewicz Nikodim Rozbecki. As the actor confirmed, this role is very important to him and he has been preparing for it for a long time. “It all started a few years ago. When I was still at the Theater Academy, I was contacted by Waldemar Zarek – a man who devoted part of his life to exploring the story of Adam Mickiewicz. We started preparations for the production, but – as often happens in the case of large film projects – we ran into several Of official and financial obstacles along the way. Waldeck knew from the beginning that this film could not be made for the proverbial five zlotys. In the end, the bumpy road turned out to be difficult. “Lucky for us. Rock And Roll Production decided to become producers of “Uncertainty”. We were able to get the money and last fall we received information that we were starting production on the film. Once again, I was immersed in this story. “I feel that this is a good moment to talk about Adam Mickiewicz. And that I can handle this challenge,” he admitted.

Recalling the preparations for the role, Rozbicki said it took place on several levels. “I received a list of source material from the director. I looked up some items myself and during rehearsals I suggested to Waldeck Adam Mickiewicz’s book The New Colors of Youth. Sometimes it would end with him asking me to throw a book in the trash and telling me that sure enough, there were only a few Few good studies on the subject. Characters. The next stages of preparation were related to the technical challenges. I had to learn how to write with a quill pen, walk on stilts, and ride a horse. I started practicing the last six stages years ago, when the film was in I fell asleep for a while, I continued riding because I liked it so much, until all this on set was also accompanied by fencing and preparation for duels, because many of these scenes will be in the film,” he said.

When asked about the atmosphere of “uncertainty,” the actor said that it is very poetic, but there are a lot of stormy moments. He added that it is a costume, a historical film, but the facts are only the background. “Delving deeper into this story, I realized that, contrary to appearances, not much has changed in our lives for 200 years. We have moved from horses to cars or motorcycles. Messages sent by horses have been replaced by instant messages that are ubiquitous, but in reality certain Aspirations, needs, dreams fulfilled and unfulfilled – this is something very universal. Of course, the historical context was important – and let us remind you that it was a period when Poland did not actually exist on maps – so we had to ‘research many things.’ However, I think ‘Uncertainty’ has a chance to reach contemporary audiences.”

The actor noted that Mickiewicz was a very charismatic and strong personality, and years later he declared himself a poet. “I don’t want to reveal too many details. However, I can say that we try to capture the moments when young Adam needs to look at the world a little from above. And where his sensitivity asks him to jump over the gate” rather than waiting for someone to open it for him. “And if he sees stilts, he will be happy to wear them. He will see everything from this perspective, be inspired, look for new colors. Watching the world, admiring Marilla and the beauty of nature, he will write ‘songs and romances.’

According to TVP President Mateusz Matyszković, “Niepewność” is one of the most anticipated productions of the public broadcaster. “For a long time, Telewizja Polska had been planning to film the life of Adam Mickiewicz – but to do it in an interesting language, to get into the structure of his character and to portray a good love story for the young Mickiewicz. It was just ‘this scenario, given to us by Waldemar Zarek, that we considered it as such. “I’m glad that filming has begun. I think the cast is great. Nikodim Rozbecki will attract many viewers, and many will fall in love with Marilla,” he said.

The film’s premiere is scheduled for February 15, 2024. The cast also includes: Dorota Landowska, Adrian Zaremba, Marek Kalita, Piotr Jarlicki and Andrzej Mastalers. Bartosz Piotrowski is responsible for the visuals, and Andrzej Jagodziński is responsible for the music. Co-producers are Telewizja Polska and Rock and Roll Production.

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