LGBT activists disrupted the screening of a film about Urdu Juris

The screening of the film was organized on Thursday evening at the Luna Cinema in Warsaw. Immediately appeared people carrying rainbow flags, offering well-known slogans of the women’s strike.

Colorful conquest at the premiere of “Ordo Iuris. Who’s behind them? ». Will be the best result of this season “- she wrote on Twitter Clementina Sukhanov, one of the leaders of the “Women’s Strike”, who participated in the event in the cinema.


In turn, the editor-in-chief of the بوابة portal Christian Kratiuk He announced on his personal page that the premiere of the film “ended with a standing ovation.”


What is Urdu Joris talking about, who is behind them?

Do men only work in Ordo Iuris? Are they religious fundamentalists? Do they want to destroy women’s rights? What are their sources of funding? Is there anyone who supports the work of the institute? Who benefits from Ordo Iuris activities? You can find answers to these questions in the video.

“The legal think tank, which defends traditional values, family and life, has from the beginning been a target of left-wing politicians, liberal commentators and the media. The hatred and hate flowing into the institute have long crossed all borders” – we read on the website announcing a film about Ordo Iuris.

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