Katarzyna Borowiska Trojka End of Radio 357

In a Facebook post addressed to Radio 357 sponsors, Katarzyna Borowiecka said it was time to start the next stage in her career.

– Making this decision was not easy for me. I fought many internal duels, but… “In the end, I decided to support Agnieszka Szydłowska in her mission to rebuild Trójka,” she said. Borowica He will officially say goodbye to the radio station at the end of March. She indicated that she is determining the number of programs that she will host on the station next month.

Katarzyna Borowiecka has been on Radio 357 for more than three years

– Radio 357's plot is sure to be in good hands. Radio is developing very well, there is no shortage of ideas and I am convinced that you as patrons and listeners (including me – because I will continue to listen and support) will be satisfied, Katarzyna Borowiecka emphasized. – Thanks to you, Radio 357 was possible. “Thank you for allowing me to be part of this wonderful team and the exceptional community you are creating,” she emphasized.

The Radio 357 team commented on the entry that Katarzyna Borowiecka announced her decision a few days ago. – Buro – because he works under this code name in the radio team – He was involved in the creation of Radio 357 from the beginning. Thanks to this, we know what is worth watching in the cinema and what series to spend time on. We've been through a lot together and those are moments we'll never forget. Unfortunately, this joint phase is coming to an end – marked.

– Kasia – Thank you for your professionalism, knowledge and the highest standards of the radio profession. Good luck in your new place and new tasks! – added.

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On Radio 357 Katarzyna Borowica Every week, she hosted a two-hour program on films called “Akrana.” She hosted the morning show “Head South” once a week. She also created the “World in Bubbles” series based on the comics for this broadcast.

With the radio Borojeka said goodbye to Trojka in mid-2020. She was associated with the station for 13 years, She hosted the ABC Popular Culture program and some editions of Club Trojka, and was also head of the journalism department for several years.

Depart Radio 357 and return to Trojka

Katarzyna Borowiecka is another person moving from Radio 357 to general media. In mid-January, Ernst Zuzo began hosting the program “Oko na Świat” on TVP Info, but he left the station after two weeks. – Yesterday I found out that there was no longer a place for me on Radio 357. I was offered conditions for further cooperation that were impossible to accept (not in terms of financial circumstances) – he wrote on Facebook.

Marija Guzek has been a correspondent for the TVP news program “19.30” since the beginning of January.

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In mid-January of this year. Agnieszka Szydłowska, who was previously associated with the station for 15 years as a music journalist, became president of Trójka. – First, I would like it to be clear that my intention is not to destroy, but to build. I emphasized that I did not want to destroy wonderful civic projects like Radio 357 or Nowy Świat, where my wonderful colleagues went to continue meeting with listeners. More than a week ago, Michał Nogaś became Deputy Director of Trójka, returning to the station after more than six years of work at “Gazeta Wyborcza” and 3.5 years of cooperation with Radio Nowy Świat.

Trójka's changed schedule is scheduled to begin at the beginning of April. In March, a program with “very independent music” will appear on the air, and next Saturday “Poście Wschód – Piotr Pogorzelski’s Magazine”.

The station's editorial secretary was taken over by Adam Sobieraj (replacing Robert Kosicki) and his deputy, Mateusz Tomaszczuk, who returned to the station after a break of several months.

According to Radio Track research, from November last year until January this year the triple was 2 percent. Listening market share, compared to 2.2 percent a year ago.

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