May 30, 2023


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Is Queen Elizabeth II feeling worse and worse?  disturbing news

Is Queen Elizabeth II feeling worse and worse? disturbing news

Queen Elizabeth II She was only 25 years old when she became queen in 1952. Since then he has exercised his power constantly! For nearly 70 years of serviceWhich makes it the longest reign in the world today.

People cast a more and more anxious look at the Queen. The first time they held their breath was when she leaned on her crutch at a formal event. On Wednesday, it emerged that the Queen had to cancel her two-day trip to Northern Ireland due to health reasons.

However, Buckingham Palace reassured that the Queen only needed to rest. The Daily Mail also says the Queen’s condition is no cause for concern, and that The 95-year-old is fine.

It turns out that the actress of the Windsor dynasty does not care much about her age. Giles Brandreth, head of The Oldie of the Year, wrote to a representative of Elizabeth II asking if the Queen would accept the award. However, he had not expected such an answer.

Tom Ling Baker wrote it again The king will not accept this decoration. It’s all because of your own beliefs and… an excellent frame of mind.

This approach can only be envied by a 95-year-old girl! I have to admit that for this age, he looks great!

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