Double crown occupation is its winning pair

The Big Winners of Season 17Career doubling May have caused more than one surprise.

Considered the show’s “untouchable” couple for the last three months, Laura and Vincent finally lost at the end of the run against Simon, a marketing consultant from Sainte-Thérèse, and Mia, a social work student from Trois-Rivieres. A duo we’ve only seen in past episodes.

However, in recent days, many viewers have been actively campaigning in their favor on social networks. A movement to contest the ousting of favorite couple Marie-Andre and Anthony that took place last week.

Seated at the discussion table, the two final couples, Laura and Vincent and Rebecca and Mathieu, chose to say goodbye to the nurse from Saguenay and the carpenter from Levi’s. A decision that was no less than a letter to the public… who experienced a bit of “depression” in turn.

Live, Sunday evening, Mia and Simon were very surprised to be named the big winnersOD Andalusia.

“We’ve had a different journey. We’ve taken our time, but what we’ve experienced is really real. We’re together and we love each other,” the 28-year-old candidate finally whispered to his young partner, completely speechless.

Cards on the table

Alicia Moffett and Frédéric Robichaud kicked off the finale with their feet in the sand of the Maldives.Career doubling.

Like the season though, the show was sprinkled with a little spice.

The traditional game “Who Said What?” The tiny island in the Indian Ocean sowed great uneasiness… despite the smiles and dull chuckles of some of the finalists.

During the last group meal, the hosts returned some of this juice, in which the candidates did not hesitate to talk about their roommates.

“I didn’t make my decision lightly when it came time to choose the final couple,” Laura reiterated with support from her partner.

Questioned by Alicia, the two declare that they don’t feel threatened by Marie-Andre and Anthony. Vincent briefly recalls that their choice to take Mia and Simon on their final journey was “out of touch”.

“We don’t think about the public when we take decisions. We don’t think about which couple we like and dislike. […] We base our decisions on almost anything,” Rebecca said.

Despite some evasive answers, the amiable couple quizzed the candidates well during the grand finale, with many asking questions from home.

Heavenly landscapes

House on stilts, jungle villa or luxury tent, scuba diving, lunch by the swimming pool: the ultimate tripOD Andalusia Quebec made us forget winter for 90 minutes.

The first part of the evening, filmed in the Maldives, allowed viewers to see the dynamic between each couple.

“I didn’t expect that relationship [avec Mia] It develops like this in the 2nd or 3rd week. […] We have the characteristics for that match It’s great together,” Simon said during the show, after an almost romantic fishing trip.

Back in Quebec, Alicia Moffett and Frédéric Robichaud managed their split live without too many hiccups. Solides, singer and former candidatefrom Spotted from their first red carpet last September.

“Your hosting duo and your couple have touched the hearts of fansfrom this year,” said Julie Snyder.

Celine won the prize for favorite candidate.

The producer of the show, without much surprise for Celine, was ready to give the prize to the favorite candidate. A nurse from Moncton won a $10,000 scholarship that will “perhaps allow her to finance [son] Moving to Quebec.

Daily broadcastsCareer doubling It will continue from November 27 to 30. The moment of truth It will be aired on 3rd December.

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