February 2, 2023


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Discovery of the unfinished draft of Asterix history

Discovery of the unfinished draft of Asterix history

Anne Goskini, the daughter of the screenwriter of the famous Asterix comics, discovered in an interview published this weekend, an unfinished draft of the very famous Coles created by her father before her father died.

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“I often think about it, it’s 20 pages, half an album,” the manager of his father’s work told the German weekly Der Spiegel.

The screenplay, typed by Rene Goskini, is titled “Asterix in the Circus” and should have appeared chronologically among the Belgians after the Asterix album. It was discovered in the family archives according to Spiegel.

Anne Goskini realized that finishing the album after her death would be a “very complicated” endeavor.

“A lot of people have to sit around the table and immerse themselves in the story and find her voice again,” she told her father, “and it’s like a painting of a coyote with a hole.”

“But one day we will try, it will be an extraordinary adventure,” he adds.

Died in 1977, Rene Goskini was with Albert Utherso, who died last year, the creator of the irresistible Colin in 1959, whose adventures have sold several hundred million copies worldwide.

He was instrumental in creating the career of a comic book writer that did not exist before him.

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