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Gudonk, the characters in the film Single in every way Is Netflix mounting the Gondola on the Pro? Do they buy bottles of wine at SAQ in disguise? Are they taking an Instagram photoshoot at Park Jean-Trapio? Is Victor Andres the trolls durgeon acting like a shy brother-in-law, almost hiding behind a Christmas tree?

Answers: Yes, yes, yes and yes. Netflix’s first gay romantic comedy was filmed in the Montreal area last spring and featured two famous Hollywood actresses, Jennifer Coolidge (White lotus) And Kathy Najimi, will always be, in my opinion, sister Mary-Patrick Rock is my nun. Excellent character.

If you like geography on TV, Single in every way (That love blows, In the French version) will pour it into you in tons. I was almost screaming for 99 minutes of the film: but it’s in Griffindown! It’s happening in Laurence, let’s see!

Here we all understand each other. Like Christmas blues Princess Switch, Single in every way No big picture.

We know in advance how it will end (Revealer: Best). But the point of arrival is not important. The path to get there (Revelation: full of misunderstandings) delights us.

On Tuesday, the film, which was made entirely in Montreal on a small budget of 7.7 million, became the second most popular film on Netflix in Canada.

Single in every way Peter is coming around (Michael Yuri, saw Dirty bundle), A young social media expert founded in Los Angeles for nine years. Peter, a gay man, lives with his roommate and best friend Nick (Film Chambers).

Like the Hallmark dessert, Peter goes to his parents’ house – which is a classic – a beautiful fantasy New Hampshire village where the main street looks like a postcard of snow-covered delights. You can imagine the small cozy cafe, welcoming restaurant-pub, almost gingerbread made place.

Peter invites his roommate Nick to the East Coast. The plan breaks down quickly, and Peter’s mom introduces her to her lovely spinning coach, James (hoo!), And it clicks. Apparently, everyone around Peter and Nick, including two adorable intelligent bridesmaids, know that these two should end up together, and they both have to do the task of realizing it for both roommates. Christmas bells. Small snowfall. Common.

What fun Single in every wayRecognizing the places where actors filmed their scenes.

The trendy Los Angeles bakery at the beginning of the film is actually Cafe Maman in Notre Dame Street West. The third time Peter and the spinning coach meet is at Macbins on Pub Bishop Street. Their first date, however, was filmed at the Maison 1890 restaurant in Saint-Agathe-des-Monts, Laurentians.

Also, the main street of the fictional village of Bridgewater is Rue Saint-Vincent, which is still in Saint-Agate-des-Montes. Peter’s family home is located in Point-Clare, west of the island.

According to Victor Andres Trellus Durjan (Parted, Do you hear me?), He has a small role Single in every way, Called the husband of Peter’s sister.

“Our product designer Guy Lalande did a great job of recreating a small American city,” said Michael Brubas, president of Muse Entertainment, which produced the coveted film.

In February and March, the group Single in every way Must operate with all Quebec regulations related to Govt-19. But, for a scene of the final kiss that had to be compromised for more than 15 minutes, the team spent 24 hours in Cornwall, Ont., Where laws were most permissible, Michael Brubas recalled.

On the contrary Happy season (Our most beautiful season), Offered on Amazon Prime, which is the sexual orientation of the protagonists Single in every way Not hidden in history or the issue. Guys are gay, their families accept them, there is no discomfort under the mistletoe!

Absolutely fun!

Photo from the show’s Facebook page

Patrick Emmanuel Apellard and Antoine Pylon Absolutely high school

Oops! Eight 10 minute episodes of parody comedy Absolutely high schoolLaughs at American teenagers OC. It’s really fun. And it’s free at

On a horse The heart has its causes And Scott brothers, The episodes were first filmed in English and then dubbed into the international French language in a very, very exaggerated manner. We are following in the footsteps of Alison Thompson (Rosalie Wylancourt), a freshman at New Garden Hills Valley High School.

As with any type of product Dawson Stream, Allison Wicked, Beautiful and Rich Ashley Winterbottom (Catherine Lewack), Stupid Athlete Brian (Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmirez), Pum Dasitern (Antoine Pylon) and she will be paired with Keith (Patrick Emmanuel Abelard), who will become best friends with homosexuals.

Conflict in front of lockers or closing school elections, you will find 30-year-old actors playing 15-year-olds. And you will laugh a lot.

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