Europe’s largest carnivorous bird has returned to Poland.  He was flying near Warsaw

A large chestnut eagle was seen overhead Kissing the swamp, which is located in Masovia, near Warsaw. It is located to the southeast of it, near Gura Kalwaria and Otok. Information about the bird’s appearance in this area is provided by the Birding Bosnia profile, citing Krzysztof Dean, who photographed the eagle.

The picture is bad, but the model is interesting. Raise your hands, who has seen a chestnut eagle in Poland? 11/25/2023, Kissing the Swamp. “The 28th observation of the species in Poland,” the photographer wrote and posted a photo of an eagle in flight.

The issue is interesting because Vultures appear in Poland, but not often. A year ago, in mid-2022, a griffon vulture visited Poland – it was photographed near Papia Gora. Thanks to this, people remembered that these majestic birds come to us from time to time.

The chestnut eagle also appeared. It has been seen here several times in recent years, including in June 2021 – even just outside Warsaw. A month before that, one bird appeared on the border of Lublin and Podkarpactsky Voivodeships, in 2011 a bird appeared in the Nowy Sach region, and in 2003 an eagle appeared on the roof of a building in Gostyn in southern Greater Poland.

The chestnut eagle is one of six Eagle species, which occurs at least occasionally in Europe – mainly in its southern part, and is one of only two that nest here. The chestnut vulture is still preserved on the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic Islands and in some areas of the Balkans. In the past, it also roamed in Italy, southern France, the Crimea (where it was killed by recent wars) and in the regions of Central and Eastern Europe, up to the Carpathians. Hence the suspicions and reports that it was also an element of the Polish fauna.

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When Poland was building its fleet from scratch in the interwar years, animal names were chosen for the first submarines in Polish history (“Lynx”, “Wolf”, “Wild Cat”).

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