Dorota Kwiatkowska: The Mysterious Death.  She was buried half a year later

Dorota Kwiatkowska Born on September 15, 1957 in Warsaw. She graduated from the Warsaw State Theater School. In the early 1980s, she performed at the Powszechny Theater in Warsaw.

She made her screen debut in 1978 with a major role in the film “water colors”. In the following years she played, among others, in “Fedziadli” I “Saucepan”But her most important role remained the first title Thais In the film Richard Bear from 1983.

To audition for the movie “Thais” Producer Jerzy Frykowski convinced her. The actress recalled it this way in an interview: “I finally went and forgot about it. One day, a delighted Frykowski comes to the Powszechny Theater in Warsaw, where I started acting when I was still a student, with a huge audience.” Bouquet – there were about 150 roses – and joyful screams that I am playing Thais.

in the movies “Thais” I “Apparition” The actress had no qualms about showing off her charm.

W “Thais” Kwiatkowska played an Egyptian courtesan and dancer who bathes naked in milk and dances with her breasts exposed. Turn in “Fedziadli” I rode horses without clothes.

After his role in films “Thais” I “Apparition”In the mid-eighties, the actress left Poland with her husband – the English composer, pianist and conductor Charles Ray. First she lived in London, and since 2001 her place on earth has been Adelaide, Australia.

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