Dino Polska is close to acquiring shares in online pharmacy eZebra.  “Conditions are met”

Dino will take over the management of the online pharmacy. “Conditions are met”

However, the initial agreement was subject to conditions that both parties must meet by March 31, 2024. The future of the deal depends on their fulfillment.

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The second condition lies in the online store. His partners on December 19 Obtained approval from lending bank JTG Polska to implement the transaction And carry out other activities required by the agreements concluded with this bank.

Therefore, as Dino Polska stated in his statement, The conditions precedent stipulated in the purchase agreement have been met.

Dino Polska will take over the management of the ezebra.pl store

As we reported earlier, under the agreement, Dino will take control of the online store as well as its subsidiaries, namely 3BOOM and JTG. The latter has its own warehouse and provides storage and shipping services.

The transaction value is PLN 61 million. almost. Of this amount, PLN 11.5 million will be allocated to the acquired company as a shareholding due to Dino acquiring new shares. The remaining part is payment for the existing shares that the trading giant will buy from the founders of the ezebra.pl store. “The sale price will be adjusted to account for the net debt and difference in working capital of eZebra, JTG and 3BOOM as of the closing date,” Dino previously said.

In addition, Dino will have the option to buy back the remaining 25%. Shares under the tender offer, which will become effective five years and six months after the conclusion of the deal, guaranteeing them 75%. sharing. The company will have a six-month window to finalize the future purchase.

However, the founders will have the opportunity to sell these shares after five years and nine months from the date of completion of the current share sale transaction. They will have six months to finalize the details. The parties also agreed on the potential purchase and sale price.

ezebra.pl is a portal for Dino for sale online

In an announcement in October, Dino noted that ezebra.pl is an online pharmacy store that “offers a wide range of cosmetics, fragrance products and accessories from the beauty, health, personal care and home categories.”

The company aims to cooperate with the eZebra founders and management staff in order to further develop eZebra.pl’s pharmacy activities and Jointly building competencies in the field of e-commerce. The retail chain said the founders will remain on eZebra’s board of directors, to oversee the implementation of the current development strategy.

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