Will Prey 2 be launched?  A product about the future of the Predator series
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August 21, 2022, 4:23 pm

author: Camille “grim_reaper” Klasik

After the huge success of the show, Prey, a longtime producer of the Predator series, decided in one of the interviews to tell a little about the possibility of the continuation of the film and the future of the entire brand.

Photo: Predator: Prey, Dan Trachtenberg, Twentieth Century Fox, 2022.

John Davis can be said to be one of the fathers of the success of the Predator brand. Since the first installment of the series in 1987, the producer has been constantly monitoring new projects around the astronaut, including the latest Hulu production, victim. And the path he took with the predator was certainly not the easiest one.

After the success of the original title role of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it was time for an unbroken string of defeat and disappointment for the franchise. Almost every new episode about Astronaut was met with worse and worse reception from the audience. Therefore, it must be admitted that the aforementioned John Davis made the risky decision to agree to make another movie about a ruthless hunter. As it turned out later, it was a bull’s-eye. victim It became the salvation of the whole universe and an opportunity for its development.

During a recent interview with diverseAnd the The producer commented on the show’s success and how it opened up the future for the entire series. According to Davies, the possibilities with the Predator are almost limitless.

Well, maybe it will be an origin story. Reality? Maybe there will be another story Aliens vs Predators. There may be a new contemporary version. Or maybe there is something in between. I think that this character can appear at different times in the story – said the producer in an interview.

despite Davis’ statement seems a bit ambiguous, it is clear that he is an investor in the long-term future of the Predator series. talking about victimproducer backed director Dan Trachtenberg, who approached him about the prequel, back in 2018, when predator It was already in production.

Furthermore, Davis credits Trachtenberg with the concept for the show, saying that he did a “terrific job” on the film and that his imagination contributed to the title’s success. The producer also praised Disney for understanding the potential of the Predator series. According to him, a “new reinterpretation” of the universe is what can help the brand stand the test of time.

What path would the creators take in the case of the astronaut story? We’ll see with time. But let’s hope for a high level victim It will be carried over to the next films in the series.

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