Don't blink.  See what the Galaxy S24's AI can do for you

According to data provided by Google, in January 2024, the term “artificial intelligence” was searched five times more than in the same period in 2022. Artificial intelligence has become the hottest technology trend, which translates to the smartphone market.

Galaxy S24, the first series of smartphones with Galaxy AI technology, is now arriving in stores. This name covers a group of functions associated with artificial intelligence that make it easier for the user to carry out everyday activities, and in some cases do them completely. Sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, doesn't it? This is simply technology that we can already use. So let's take a closer look at it and see what your smartphone can do for you.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 will answer the call for you and even translate the conversation

How many times has your phone rang when you couldn't talk? You no longer have to reject such calls.

The Galaxy AI suite includes Call Assistant, which can make calls for you. After turning it on, your interlocutor's voice will be converted into text. You'll be able to respond using your keyboard or templates, and your answers will be read out by a speech synthesizer.

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If you have the conversation this way, you'll find the full text of the conversation in your call log. Most importantly, calls are processed at the device level, so full respect for privacy is guaranteed.

It doesn't end there. Call Assistant can also translate voice calls in real time. Yes – all lines spoken by you and your interlocutors will be translated into the second language. If you suffer a flat tire during a trip to a foreign country, contacting roadside assistance by phone will not be a challenge.

The Galaxy S24's AI will summarize your feedback. And so are the sounds

One of the most interesting features of the Galaxy AI is the automatic formatting and summarization of notes in the Samsung Notes app.

I just created the previous paragraph – the one about Call Assistant – in Samsung Notes by writing a wall of unformatted text. Then, with one click, I asked the AI ​​to format it and got the following:

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But the most interesting thing is that Galaxy AI can also create a summary, extracting the most important details from the note:

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I created this note on the Galaxy S24's on-screen keyboard, but I didn't actually have to, because a similar function is built into the system's voice recorder. Yes – the smartphone can convert the voice note into text and then summarize it. Welcome to the future.

Samsung Galaxy S24 will read the article for you

We have already proven that the AI ​​in the new flagship is excellent at summarizing text. However, it doesn't have to be text written by you, because Galaxy AI is also integrated with Samsung's Internet browser.

I showed it to us on my smartphone Galaxy S24 line launch coverage, then asked the AI ​​to generate a summary. Exactly 5 seconds later I saw this:

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In the settings, you can specify whether summaries should be brief or more detailed.

Your smartphone will become your equalizer

Artificial intelligence has also arrived on Samsung's keyboard. After entering text, simply tap the Galaxy AI button, and the phone will automatically correct grammatical and spelling errors and suggest alternative expression styles – for example, casual or formal.

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Since this function is integrated with the system keyboard, you can use it when editing text in any application.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 will change the way you search for information

The Samsung Galaxy S24 is the first smartphone with the “Circle to Search” feature developed in collaboration with Google. How it works?

Let's say you're watching a movie trailer and an actor whose name you don't remember appears on the screen. Simply place your finger on the navigation bar and then draw a circle around the actor's face. After a while, the smartphone will display information about it.

In a similar way, you can select and translate the displayed text or search for information about any objects. Do you like the jacket you see in the Instagram video? You will find it in the online store within a few seconds, without leaving the application.

Galaxy AI will take photo editing to a new level

Imagine that you take a photo with your smartphone, but – due to inattention or haste – you catch a crooked frame.

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You can, of course, straighten the image using a regular photo editor, but then the program will have to cut an even rectangle, which means a significant part of the frame is lost forever.

© White Phosphorus

It works differently on the Galaxy S24. The built-in photo editor can correct images, preserving the entire captured frame, and AI fills in the missing parts.

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Smart gap filling also works when you delete or even move objects in photos. Just look at this:

© White Phosphorus

The Samsung Galaxy S24 will make any of your videos look greatFor some time now, Hollywood has become fascinated with the slow motion technique, because slow motion makes even the most mundane scenes magical. Smartphones have been able to record this type of video for years, but they require prior activation of a special mode. If you record a video in automatic mode, you can forget about smooth deceleration. Unless you have a Galaxy S24.

Galaxy AI can slow down and smooth any video. Artificial intelligence combined with high computing power is able to compensate for missing frames in real time, and most importantly – you do not need the slightest knowledge of video editing. Simply view any video in the gallery and place your finger on it.

Using the built-in editor, the slow motion effect can also be applied permanently and the final video can be shared, for example, on Instagram.

This is what using a smartphone looks like in the age of artificial intelligence.

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