Vision Pro.  This is how Apple is trying to “revolutionize” the augmented reality and virtual reality industry

The Vision Pro is Apple's first sensible approach to the AR and VR market, although attempts of this kind have already been made with iPhones or iPads. This time the company wants to do it right and we know that its new technologies are being praised as very revolutionary. But is this really the case?

Virtual reality is not a new industry and other companies have introduced their own VR headsets before Apple. Samsung and HTC tried their luck in this market. You may remember the times when Koreans wanted owners of Galaxy S and Note series smartphones to wear Gear VR glasses. Little has been achieved and this type of solution has not been accepted into the mainstream. Meta, which acquired Oculus, also failed to do so.

The situation is a little different in the case of specialized solutions. After all, virtual reality glasses are successfully used by doctors and many other specialists. This is why, for example, HTC targets its VR headsets to specific target groups. Still not though The mainstream that Apple intends to break into Show the competition how to do it right.

Apple has been working on its own AR/VR glasses for a long time, as the first rumors about this equipment date back a few years. Ultimately, we were able to find the best solutions that would ensure that the equipment would be well received by regular customers. However, the price and availability of equipment will be a particular issue here.

The price of the Vision Pro will be high. Apple intends to sell its own AR/VR glasses For 3.5 thousand dollars This gives us approximately 14 thousand. Zloty. Equipment will only be available at the beginning In one market, which is the United States. We'll have to wait a little longer for our European debut. All this means that the device will certainly not break into the consumer market quickly and it will take some time, which the manufacturer most likely takes into account.

How do you get the average phone user interested in VR glasses? Here is the key to success Give recipients access to the same apps they use every day on smartphones. They simply need to be better and offer greater capabilities and experience. Apple knows this and that's why VisionOS consumers have it They'll find software they know well from iPhones.

Apple has included apps in VisionOS Music, TV, Notes, Mail, News, Freeform, or Safari browser. All of these programs are known from iPhone devices. Therefore, users of devices bearing the Apple Bitten logo should find their way here quickly. Contrary to appearance, this is very important, otherwise it may lead to a depressing effect, which is not the goal of the manufacturer.

Vision Pro users will get well-known and popular apps, but they will simply be better than those found on iPhones. This will make them want to use it willingly and come back for sure. Currently, VisionOS is in beta testing and is accessible to developers. The Cupertino giant wants to encourage creators to prepare their own apps for the new glasses now.

Another issue is Integration and adaptation with the entire Apple ecosystem, which is currently very wide. The Cupertino giant has clearly thought about this and will therefore provide support for other products. For example, the iPhone 15 Pro can Record private surround videosWhich will be playable with glasses. The best audio experience will be provided by the latest AirPods Pro 2 wireless headphones with USB C box. All of this has of course been carefully planned in advance, which is expected to translate into increased sales of other devices available at the offer.

Apple also decided to tailor its own protective glasses to be suitable for specific users. That's why in the beginning Sales will be limited to stationery stores only Companies. The manufacturer has prepared its staff to customize the device, and this will be possible in showrooms.

Apple employees will facilitate, among other things: selection of headband and other items. This is to ensure the best possible comfort when wearing glasses by adjusting them on the owner's head. The same applies to corrective lenses. They must also be selected on site in fixed stores. It is true that this complicates the customization process a little, but the manufacturer knows this and takes it upon himself.

The company thinks so Lots of customization options is one of the main factorsWhich will translate into the success of Vision Pro glasses. It is true that this will make purchasing used goods somewhat more difficult, but the most important thing for the company is to sell through its own distribution channels. Over time, the glasses should appear at dealer shows, but that won't happen anytime soon. It is also difficult to determine when the gadget will be available for sale outside the United States. Maybe this year, but there is no confirmed information about it yet.

So maybe there will be no revolution. Despite this, Apple Glasses have a chance to gain much better market acceptance than competing products, and this would indeed be a huge success.

Apple knows that the Vision Pro product will initially target a limited number of customers. If you want to break into the live mainstream with your AR and VR solutions, you'll need something more. This is equipment that, above all, It will be cheaper and more widely available. That is why it is claimed that work is underway on glasses that will not be so expensive and their price will be noticeably lower. But we won't see it before 2025.

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