Donald Trump's secret plan.  This is how he wants to force peace negotiations

As The Washington Post reported earlier. Donald Trump wants to end the warWhich forced Ukraine to cede the occupied territories to Russia Crimea I Donbass. Earlier, reports from the Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica indicated that the war will end when Russia “receives” the occupied Ukrainian territories and Ukraine joins it. NATO.

Donald Trump's secret plan. Media for details

CNN, citing its own sources, reported that Trump's goal is to start negotiations. If the Republican nominee wins the next presidential election, immediately He will call Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky He will insist on talks.

Trump will likely use US military aid to Ukraine as an enabler Bring both parties to the negotiating table – quotes his CNN interviewer.

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The station indicates WorriesFollowing Trump's example may mean Kiev losing some territory, but at the same time he indicates that the ultimate goal – in Europe as well – is to “put an end to human losses.”

Will Trump bring Putin and Zelensky to the table?

He added: “If Ukraine wants more aid, it should sit down and negotiate, and if Russia does not want us to provide Ukraine with a lot of new support, it should negotiate.” You must sit down and negotiate. A CNN source explains that this does not mean giving Ukraine or Putin everything they want.

In the context of the candidate’s plan in the American elections, the Ukrainian “Unian” agency recalls the statement of the former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. “Donald Trump will not be able to make America great again,” the politician said. If Ukraine losesAccording to him, the defeat of Kiev would be a disaster for the United States and the West in general.

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