This is how Russian prisoners of war repair war damage.  Ukrainians mocked them cruelly [WIDEO]

A video appeared on YouTube showing, according to the description, Russian prisoners of war in action. The caption to the film states that the recording took place in Kobyansk, Kharkiv region on September 16 this year.

In a short video you can watch a soldier from the Ukrainian volunteer unit “Kraken” show what the soldiers are doing. put it inthrough Russia’s invasion of Ukraine They were arrested. Now, as prisoners of war, they repair the damage they did in the attack. The Russians featured in the video were put to work obliterating the Russian flag and drawing the Ukrainian flag on it.

The editors of the Deutsche Welle website contacted the Russians detained in Ukraine. Most assert that they did not know the true purpose of the operation. The commanders kept the information about the invasion a secret until the end. As confirmed by the prisoners, they are treated well and their representatives visit them regularly United nations And the International Red Cross.

There is no official information about the number of Russian soldiers detained in Ukraine. Their number is constantly changing thanks to the regular exchange of prisoners.

During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Kobyansk was occupied by Russian forces from 27 February to 10 September 2022 and was an important communications center. During the Russian invasion, this route was used to supply Russian troops. The mayor of the city decided to hand it over without a fight, which the Russians tried to use for propaganda purposes.

Kremlin propaganda claimed that the residents welcomed the liberators, and that the city itself was described as the “temporary capital” of the Kharkiv region.

Source: YouTube, Onet

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