Bulgaria - natural gas.  The country will be cut off from Russian raw materials

Russia will suspend gas supplies to Bulgaria from Wednesday, the local energy ministry said. The ministry announced that the search for suppliers of alternative raw materials had already begun. Government representatives emphasized that there is no need to introduce gas consumption limits at present.

Vladimir Putin signed the decree at the end of MarchAccordingly, from April 1, foreign buyers will have to pay for gas in rubles. According to new Russian regulations, customers are required to open accounts in rubles with the state-controlled Gazprombank in order to pay for raw materials.

According to the Bulgarian ministry, such conditions violate existing agreements with Gazprom. The vast majority of the gas that Bulgaria imports come from Russia.

Suspended gas supplies to Poland

On Tuesday evening, PGNiG officially announced that Gazprom will suspend gas supplies to Poland from Wednesday. Earlier, the company refused to pay Gazprom for gas under the Yamal contract in rubles.

Climate Minister Anna Moscow said this during the press conference ‘We are ready for a total break’ From raw materials from Russia. According to the State Commissioner for Strategic Energy Infrastructure Pyotr Nemsky, “All our gas needs can be met from other directions.”

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