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Car cameras are slowly becoming a standard in Polish cars. Thus, drivers can monitor their journey and, in case of any accident, get proof of what happened.

Dash cam banned in Europe

Few people realize that Poland is an exception in this regard. In other European countries, the use of cameras is prohibited or strictly regulated. When traveling abroad, it is worth remembering this

In Austria, webcams are strictly prohibited. In case of violating the regulations, the driver may face a fine of up to PLN 10,000. euro. The use of video recorders is permitted in Switzerland, but the people being recorded must obtain consent.

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In France and Belgium, video recorders can only be used for personal purposes. You may not distribute recordings in any way. In Hungary, recordings must be deleted after five days. Failure to comply with regulations may also result in a fine.

Registration is permitted in Germany, but is severely restricted by regulations. The camera can only be operated in emergency situations. The police cannot use this material, so the court will not recognize it as evidence in the case.

In other countries, use is permitted but still limited. Always remember that the camera should not limit the view. Failure to comply with this rule may also result in a penalty.

In Poland, there are also rules for the use of car cameras. Although the regulations in our country are more liberal, there are many situations in which you should be careful. We will get a ticket for installing the camera incorrectly. If this blocks the driver’s field of vision, the police may fine him from PLN 20 to PLN 3,000.

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