Putin can still count on Iran and North Korea

Washington is convinced that both countries will not stop providing military support to Russia, which is fighting in Ukraine. This thesis was presented by the Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations Linda Thomas Greenfield during a meeting of the UN Security Council.

– Both Iran and North Korea plan to send banned weapons to Russia, including drones, in violation of a UN resolution. Russia uses Iranian drones for Impacts on Ukraine’s energy infrastructureShe deprives millions of Ukrainians of electricity and heat, said Thomas Greenfield during her speech at the council.

We know that Iran is currently studying the possibility of transferring hundreds of ballistic missiles to Russia in violation of the Council’s resolution. We call on Iran to cease these activities and we appeal to all peacemakers to urge Iran not to do so.

Wagnerian missiles

The US Permanent Representative to the United Nations also stressed that although North Korea has officially stated that it does not support the Russian war in Ukraine, it has been sending weapons to the Wagner Group since the beginning of the conflict, which is a direct violation of the Basel Convention. United Nations resolution.

Missiles and other weapons have been sent to the Russian Federation to support the private military company Wagner. This was done in violation of the resolution. We are concerned that North Korea plans to send more military equipment to the Wagner Group and condemn its actions. We call on Pyongyang to stop these shipments and fully comply with the decisions of the UN resolution. Once again, we implore everyone to join this appeal – she emphasized.

The need for unity

Linda Thomas Greenfield also indicated that all countries should unite and demand that Russia stop this senseless war.

Now is the time for all nations to unite and demand that Russia end this senseless war. We must unite and defend the United Nations Charter and its fundamental principles to achieve peace. Let’s do everything we can to end the suffering, both in Ukraine and beyond.”

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