“Choose the city of your dreams.”  A terrifying recruitment campaign in Russia

The mass conscription of 400,000 new soldiers for the Russian army, announced by the Kremlin in the spring of 2023, has failed. On the other hand, the war losses (dead, wounded, and prisoners) in Putin’s army, according to publicly available information, already amount to more than 250,000 soldiers. Soldiers. The Russian government is trying to recruit people in other countries, including: in Armenia and Kazakhstan, and is also looking for new ways to recruit soldiers in the Russian Federation. In one campaign, he promised them the chance to choose “the city of their dreams,” for example Kiev.

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“When we regain Kiev, I will move there with my family.”

The advertisement, which – according to Insider’s sources – appears, among other things, on television, in printed brochures and on billboards – informs Russians of the possibility of living in one of the opened cities in Ukraine. They can move there with their families if that is what they dream of. “Choose the city of your dreams” – this is the slogan in the recording shared by Ukrainian journalist Ostap Garisz on X (formerly Twitter), with the addition of an English translation.

“Please tell me that Russia started this war because it felt threatened by NATO,” Garris comments on the Russian video.

“Do you know the Pechersk Hills in Kiev?” – A soldier asks another in the recording as he loads his rifle in the trench. The second soldier answers: “It’s downtown. My aunt lives there. It’s a nice neighborhood.” Gunshots and explosions can be heard in the background. The first replied: “I have a dream. I want to buy an apartment there. When the war ends and we regain Kiev, I will move there with my family.”

Source: Businessinsider.com

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