Do you remember the creator “Sami Soy”?  Quiz from a famous movie

cooperation Andrzej Mularczyk and Sylvester Česinski It was something completely unexpected for Polish cinema. Author, among others, of radio plays and a young director responsible, for example, for dramatic works Agnieszka 46 I disaster They combined their efforts to create one of the most important comedies in the history of Polish cinema, as it quickly turned out. Mularczyk based his script on his own experiences, specifically the conflict between his uncle and a neighborhood family. He is cast in the main roles Waclav Kowalski and Wladyslaw Hanša, who accompanied Zdzislaw Karczewski, Jerzy Janicek, ILuna Komirska I Natalia Szymanska. Initially, production was planned under the title And there was a holiday, However, it has finally made it to the screens Our own. Almost after its premiere, the film received great appreciation from the audience, who often viewed it as a subversive film targeting the authorities, as well as from critics, who drew attention to the film’s distinctive theme. revenge Alexander Fredro.

The terrible illness of the singer 2 plus 1. The story with Cooper

“Sami Soy” – Test!

Although more than fifty-five years have passed since its premiere, it is still very popular and is regularly broadcast on television. How well do you know? The adventures of Karjula and Pavlak? Test yourself in the test!

“Sami Swoi” – how well do you remember the famous Polish comedy? a test

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Where do the two families come from?

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