June 8, 2023


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Harrison Ford in the MCU? Kathleen Kennedy was supposed to block the actor’s exposure at D23

It appeared on the web at the end of September Interesting reports. They show that Marvel is thinking, or at least at some point thinking about an upcoming movie Lightning Appeared as Thaddeus Ross Harrison Ford. Previously, he played this character William HurtHowever, he passed away in March of this year.

Interestingly enough, journalist Jeff Schneider, who is responsible for previous information, has now added that we can announce Ford’s new role during this year’s D23. However, it prevented Kathleen Kennedy, President of Lucasfilm. As Sneider reveals, she wanted the media to focus on the legendary actor’s role in the upcoming Indiana Jones movie rather than his involvement with the MCU.

I heard it was already a certain thing in D23 and they were going to announce it [Forda – przyp. red.] As a member of the Thunderbolts team, but they didn’t because Kathleen Kennedy stepped in and said, “No, we want to focus on Indiana Jones 5, I don’t want to talk about Harrison Ford in the MCU right now, we’re focused on Indym 5.”

Lightning It will talk about a group of bad guys who are recruited to work for the government. The movie’s premiere is scheduled for 2024.

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