Did Marcin Hackel’s boyfriend want to stab Katarzyna Cičubek?  Along went the gang

It seems like Marcin Hackel’s current beau is getting bolder online. She proves it in the dancer’s latest photo, in which he doesn’t just appear with a shovel and brush. The reindeer antlers at Christmas were eye-catching, inspiring Dominika to be less subtle Heels Towards Katarzyna Sičubek. Thus, what I wrote brings to mind the topic of the “M jak miłość” star’s alleged infidelity with Maciej Korzajewski, which, after being discovered by Hackel, contributed to the end of their marriage.

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Haqil reveals the reason why he does not take his lover to the walls

Hackel’s lover speculates about his horns. You made an important statement

Marcin Hackel has said more than once in interviews that he hired investigators who provided him with evidence that his wife was dating a co-worker. This thread seems to have inspired the dancer’s lover. She left a revealing comment under an Instagram photo showing Hakiel wearing a headband with reindeer antlers. “Baby, these are my only horns, there won’t be any more. PS: We deserve a medal this weekend and an Oscar and a Grammy too. Love you,” Dominica wrote. Her words divided netizens. “Everything is great, but why this text about the horns? It’s so pathetic to be in a new relationship and keep going back to the past,” “The horns were already there… now they’ll only get better” – we read.

Hackel has nothing to say to Cheshubik

Katarzyna Čičubek cannot rest on the subject of her ex-husband returning like a boomerang. Marcin Hackel has just announced in the media that he hopes to never exchange a word with his ex-wife again. “We don’t have to agree on anything anymore, because everything has been agreed and signed in the office. (…) In fact, we don’t have to agree on anything anymore, so we no longer have any contact,” Hackel told Pudelek. Meanwhile, he revealed that after the breakup, he did not have a serious and cleansing conversation with his ex-wife. However, he doesn’t want it anymore, even though he would be ready for it – I don’t expect anything, I hope we never talk to each other again – he concluded bitterly.

Marcin Hackel reveals how he met his girlfriend. Katarzyna stabs Cechubek foot. Kabeev

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