Deadpool 3 found a way out?  This is Sean Levy, the creator of "Free Guy."
Deadpool 3 on the horizon? The long-awaited project is one step closer to implementation. Shaun Levy (“Free Guy”, “Adam Project”) is negotiating a job as a director. This will be the first production of a talkative superhero to be produced for Marvel Studios. Of course, Ryan Reynolds will play the main role.

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Sean Levy – What was fired before?

Shawn Levy, who talks about getting behind the “Deadpool 3” camera, actually worked with Ryan Reynolds. The gentlemen did two films together. The first was “Free Guy” (2021), and the second was “Projekt Adam” (2022), which debuted on the Netflix platform. In addition, in Levi’s filmography, among others, “Night at the Museum” (2006), “Giants of Steel” (2011), “Stażyści” (2013) and the series “Stranger Things” (Levi directed 6 episodes) .

The first “Deadpool” movie (2016) was directed by Tim Miller. Behind the camera of the sequel, Deadpool 2 (2018), was David Leach in turn.

“Deadpool 3” – what can we expect from the movie?

At the moment, it is not known what the movie “Deadpool 3” will say. The script for the film was written by sisters Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin, who are known for their example. From the series “Bob Burger”. This would be the first Deadpool movie to be produced after Disney acquired 20th Century Fox.

Fans were concerned that moving into the Marvel universe would mean Deadpool PG-13 had been reassured by Kevin Feige. The president of Marvel Studios confirmed that “Deadpool 3” will keep the R-Class.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when the movie will be released at the moment.

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