Do you need to change your clothing style as you age?

Looking at Grace Jones, Wolford’s muse in the iconic German brand’s spring summer 2023 photo campaign, we doubt it.

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Thus, Brad Pitt, who is surprised almost every day by his colorful clothes, especially materials or overt gender, is he reproached for playing the old beauty?

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It must be recognized that the tendency to want to look “younger” by dressing in one’s youth or the clothes of today’s youth does not always yield happy results. On the one hand, as the body changes, on the other hand, so do our lifestyle habits and our desires. Whether or not we are sensitive to the way others view our bodies and our clothing choices can make a difference in style. Honestly, how many of us are willing to look like the late Dame Vivienne Westwood?

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So for those who don’t want to transition into the granny/grandpa look, there are still ways to make the transition smoothly without wearing the jeans or miniskirts of their youth. Especially with jeans! Universal, basic, it fits all body shapes without making noise.

It’s up to us to decide whether “low waist” is a preference or something we should appreciate Packy, or better yet, unisex and practical cargo pants. The Sneakers, boots, moccasins are available to all of us. Even outdated leather jackets.

Bright colors, so trendy, should be abandoned after a certain age? No!

Are we dying of soft pinks and mauve? Why not: They’ve become the colors young women love!

For those who lived through the crazy flower power years, even as children, they no doubt enjoyed playing with some symbols. .. It’s your choice!

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