This chronicle will be positive |  The Journal of Montreal

My theme song for November? All is well, Madame Marquise.

Not a word about my anger about the November 8th mid-term elections in the United States.

Nothing about our healthcare system in intensive care. He will be saved: Super Christian responsibility.

I will remain silent on this rampant inflationary system that continues to enrich the rich and impoverish the poor. Can’t help it, can you?

Absolute peace on our bridges and roads. Construction sites, traffic jams, closures and cracks, what significance in the vastness of the universe…

The war in Ukraine and the murders of Iranian women were stitched up in modus and mouths. Believe in miracles.

World Cup in Qatar? Since when does football have principles?

I put on my pink glasses

Happiness: We spent an extra hour under the duvet because of the time change.

It’s been a very mild start to this November… but that has nothing to do with global warming. Greta confirmed it for me.

good news ! The five-day quarantine for Covid-19 is over. Willpower is very bad for loneliness.

My grandmother told me this week:

“How are the French going?” There is a shortage of mustard in the world!

— Yes, we cry in Dijon, but at home in hockey, our hot dogs overflow with baseball mustard.

A clever Quebecer foresaw the blow by exporting mustard seeds harvested before the drought.

All is well in an ideal world

See how I’m not always looking for the little beast.

I focus on beauty.

Mrs. Bombardier recommended it to me. The poor woman, being criticized for being depressed, wanted to protect me from the risk of suffering the same fate. So, I practice magical thinking. I spend my Sunday in unicorn country. I’m daydreaming…

She is very good advice, Ms. B.

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