Destroyed a Russian plane at an airport near Minsk, Belarus.  BYPOL President Alaksandr Azarau: It will take about 6 months to fix

The work is planned for three or four months. The reconnaissance was conducted for two weeks with the help of drones, BYPOL President Alaksandr Azarau said on Sunday on the “Studio Zachód” program, referring to the destruction of a Russian early warning aircraft at an airport near Minsk. The operation was carried out by the Belarusian Pyramukha saboteurs. – According to our information, it will take about 6 months to repair this plane in Taganrog – added Azarau on TVP Info.

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The head of the Belarusian Union of Security Forces (BYPOL), opposed to the authorities in Minsk, Alexander Azrao, recently told Pelsat that members of the “Piermoh Plan” carried out the vandalism on February 26. It was about damage to the Russian Ilyushin A-50 early warning aircraft at Machulychye airfield near Minsk.

The “Pieremoh Plan” is a secret organization that, as stated on its website, “aims to restore law and order in the country through an orderly and peaceful transfer of power to the nation.” initiative BYPOL In turn, groups of officers dressed in the former Belarusian military uniform.

On the Ilyushin A 50, the front and center portion of the aircraft were damaged as well as the avionics and radar antenna. The Ilyushin A50 is a four-engine early warning aircraft. The machine entered the equipment of the Soviet Army in the mid-80s. And the missile stationed near Minsk, according to the Belarusian opposition portals, was tasked with guiding Russian missiles that fell on Ukraine.

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– After the end of the war on the railways (near Gomel) in April last year, we started planning other works and selecting new facilities – said BYPOL President Alaksandr Azarau on the “Studio Zachód” program. He referred to the activities of the resistance movement carried out in Belarus in 2022, which waged a “rail war” against the regime of Alexander Lukashenko, impeding the movement of Russian forces and their equipment.

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– We began to select the appropriate members of the guerrilla movement capable of this kind of work, and from that moment everything went on, only now we have been able to carry out such work – said Azaro, referring to the damage done to the movement. Plane near Minsk.

This particular work has been planned for three or four months. Azrao explained that the reconnaissance was conducted for two weeks with the help of drones, noting that “the drones were checking the enemy’s defenses every day.”

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We did not aim to destroy the plane. All equipment and radar were destroyed – explained the head of BYPOL on TVP Info. As he was told, there were two explosions – in the front of the plane and on the fuselage.

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– We know that the whole structure was damaged and in 3.5 days they had to fix it so that he could take off and fly to Taganrog (a port city on the Sea of ​​Azov in Russia) to continue repairing it – said Alexander Azzaro .

“According to our information – we have our source of course – it will take about six months to repair this plane in Taganrog,” he added.

The BYPOL president also emphasized that the organization’s mission is to fight “Alexander Lukashenko’s regime, with the Russian army until the region is completely liberated, and the region is cleared of Russian forces.”

“We are continuing to work in this direction.” This is the mission of our organization, – noted Azrao. He added: “Procedures can be of different types, that is, war on railways is one of the types of operations; subsequent conversion operations at Russian and Belarusian military facilities.”

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