Against all expectations, Serge Theriault will actually appear in La Petite Vie

Press preview of new episodes this Monday, October 2 small life, which will be available on ICI Extra tomorrow, October 3. During the press conference, during this meeting, a big, somewhat unexpected surprise awaited the journalists: in the last scene of the sixth episode, a small appearance of Serge Theriault in the role of Momon.

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“Watching the scene with Claude really touched me [Meunier] And Serge, believes Diane Lavallee, because Therese, in these new episodes, she loses her mother. She talks a lot about her mother and wonders where she is. Thirty years later, she seems three times weaker because something is missing.

Eric Meier

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Mark Labreche Vouched for his part: “It’s sad to see this scene, but he’s really happy to answer Claude’s pleas and step back smartly, but it kind of completes the circle in an extraordinary way. It’s great that he came in, and it feels like it’s going to make sense for six episodes.”

Don’t miss new episodes small life On ICI Extra from October 3. We have to wait a few months for them to come out Radio-Canada.

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