Actor Pierre-Luc Brillant will be the party Quebecois candidate in Rosemond

The party confirmed on Sunday morning that comedian and musician Pierre-Luc Brillant will be the candidate for Parti Québécois (PQ) on Rosemont’s ride in Montreal.

A graduate of the Conservatoire de Music de Montreal, he made a name for himself by playing Raymond Beaulieu in the film. Crazy Aims to promote communication between youth and artists, artisans and heritage bearers.

“If I’m competing today for Rosemond’s ride to the party Quebecois party, it’s because of the many achievements this party has made in the past and the honesty it’s free from the opportunism of the people it represents. He said in a statement on Sunday.

He will run against Unity Vice President Vincent Marisel, who won the 2018 election by just 2,000 votes in Rosemond Riding.

“The reason for our freedom is to attract the highest quality people, we should be proud of them, the people who choose to believe in resignation and decline. We are proud to propose important measures to express our culture and our arts in all their forms. ‘S music allows us to do just that.

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