Disturbing news from Siberia and Russia is training new teams

“The Economist” It places information about Russia's formation of new divisions in the context of the aggressor's announcement of an attack this summer.

If the information provided by The Economist turns out to be correct, the forces committed by Moscow in the war with Ukraine may rise to 590,000. Soldiers. According to the British analytical center Royal United Services, after a year of war, the Russians had 360,000 soldiers. Soldiers. In June 2023, the number was already 410,000, and since January 2024, it has reached 470,000.

Will Kharkiv turn into Ukrainian Aleppo?

The weekly newspaper indicates that the target of the new Russian attack may be Kharkov. The city is located near the front and before the war was the second most populous city in Ukraine. Since February 24, 2022, its population has decreased by up to half a million people.

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