Xbox will provide a giant leap into the future.  But don't say goodbye to your favorite games just yet

Xbox isn't slowing down in its pursuit of the future of gaming, doubling down on backwards compatibility efforts while keeping its promise of the biggest technological leap in the history of next-gen consoles.

In an internal message to employees, Xbox President Sarah Bond highlighted the progress being made in developing next-generation consoles that are expected to deliver unprecedented gaming experiences.

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“We're going full throttle on our next-gen hardware, with a focus on making the biggest technology leap in a generation,” said Sarah Bond, head of Xbox.

Microsoft is committed to protecting the Xbox game library so future generations of gamers can enjoy classic games, as we wrote about over the weekend. We mentioned that a new team has been formed for this purpose, showing a strong commitment to backwards compatibility, and that work is underway to integrate Activision Blizzard games with Microsoft services (with Diablo IV as the platform leader after its debut on Game Pass).

How will Microsoft achieve this technological leap? Artificial intelligence will likely play a key role, using frame generation techniques. Even the PlayStation 5 Pro, which will likely be released this year, will use a (rumored) “AI upgrade” based on machine learning.

Interestingly, Microsoft has no plans to offer a mid-gen update, which raises the question of whether its next console will launch before PlayStation. If so, it is important that Microsoft has made significant technological advances that come close to the potential performance of the PS6which may appear later.

“It has been almost six months since we came together as an organization. Our combined accomplishments during this time are tremendous. Everyone should feel extremely proud of what we have achieved and the future opportunities that lie ahead,” Bend added.

More information and announcements are sure to be made available during the Xbox Showcase on Sunday, June 9. Will Xbox deliver on its promises and revolutionize the gaming world or is it just a marketing ploy? We'll find out soon.

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