June 5, 2023


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Russian eavesdropping on the roofs of embassies. Specialist: We know their purpose

The investigation of the international ESPIOMATS, in which Polish journalists from the Correspondents Foundation (Frontstory) worked, Spy equipment has been exposed on the roofs of Russian diplomatic missions in Europe. Antennas are on 39 buildings They belong to the diplomatic and consular missions of Russia in European countries. These are embassies in Belgium, Madrid, Prague, Belgrade, Lisbon, Sofia and Nicosia. On the territory of each of these representative offices can be seen At least 10 antennas.

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The services should open the diplomatic way and make the matter clear. These types of fixtures are everywhere, although here we know what they are for, and where they are installed. But there are places we don’t know about – said Dr. M. Igor Protasowicki, a specialist in the field of information security, ICT and energy from WSB University in Warsaw.

Numerous antennas at 3 Beethovena Street Expert: Annoying

The embassy building in Warsaw was equipped With only a few antennas.

– I hope that National security has not been compromised. Let’s remember that every conversation where we don’t use encryption, It can be used against our country The specialist warned.

Video: Specialist in eavesdropping on the roofs of European facilities

The property at 3 Beethovena Street looks very different more than ten devices. For decades, they have been living there, in Lower Mokotów, with their families Russian diplomats serving in the capital, who moved from there.

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– It is disturbing that there are new devices of a new generation. In the Beethovena 3 building, one of the containers is brand new. See what antennas are for, however We do not know what devices it was installed on. We can guess them They are used to pick up signals up to 30 kilometers away Dr. explained. M. Igor Protaswicki.

Specialist: To are the usual activities of foreign intelligence services

– This is the usual activity of foreign intelligence services. interview it Not a movie with a notorious British spy. That’s tons of documents and terabytes of information. This type of device They are used to capture everything that happens in the ether. We, as an information society, use electronic means in the form of signals. The specialist reassured that such devices are used to intercept them.

“We can only guess what purpose these antennas will be used for, if something happens,” the expert noted.

These devices cannot be disabledBecause they just listen. But the specialist concluded that there is noise generation, and it really does.

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