Auckland, New Zealand.  He walked for three days with a cockroach in his ear

A resident of Auckland, New Zealand had a cockroach in his ear for several days. The insect was there by chance when the man was swimming in the pool. At first he thought his ear was clogged with water. When none of the separation methods worked, he went to a specialist.

Zane Wedding, 40, of Auckland, New Zealand, decided to take advantage of the hot weather last week and take a dip in the pool. However, he got out of the water with a “stowaway” – a cockroach lodged in his left ear.

He tried everything to open his ear

When Wedding came home, she felt like his ear was clogged.

“I used a drop to clean it up, and because it was getting late, I fell asleep on the couch,” he told CNN reporters on Thursday. – In the morning when I woke up, it was still clogged. So I went straight to the doctor. He said I was waiting for the surgeon to help me loosen it because it was so annoying.

At first the doctor thought his ear was clogged with water, so he advised him to go home and use a hair dryer to evaporate the moisture. But Wedding knew something was wrong.

– I left the doctor without rest. I spent most of the weekend lying on my side or putting on my ear dryer. When I walked, my head was light-headed. He said when I lay down, I heard the water moving there. “Over the weekend, I tried everything I could to help myself – ear candles, jumping on one leg, chewing gum, I even went for a run – I did everything I could think of to clear my ears,” he added.

The cockroach spent three days in the man’s earFacebook wedding / Zen

instant relief

The movement abruptly stopped Sunday night, but the ear was still clogged, so the man booked an appointment with an otolaryngologist for Monday.

“Once the doctor looked inside, she said, ‘Oh my God, I think you have a bug in your ear,'” said Wedding. “It was at this point that I realized every movement I had felt over the weekend was from a cockroach. I immediately thought pumping and boiling the hot air.” In my ear canal all weekend.I felt sick – he added.

The doctor recovered the dead insect during a five-minute treatment period.

Every time I touched it, I would imagine it was pressing it against my eardrum. this is [wyjęcie go – przyp. red.] It was an instant relief. He said I felt a pop as soon as the doctor took him out. – As soon as I learned that it was a worm, everything became clear. This is why the “water” moved even when you were still. He concluded that it was a cockroach moving around in my head.

Main image source: Facebook wedding / Zen

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