Seniors will receive such gross and net pensions from March 2023. Here is the calculation table [8.01.2023]

Seniors are scheduled to receive such gross and net pensions from March 2023. Pension rates will increase this year on different terms than they were before. Some retirees will be able to rely on the quota index, while others will be able to rely on the percentage index. We also know how much the minimum pension has increased. Learn the details.

The government dealt with a draft amendment to the old-age and disability pensions law from the Social Insurance Fund and some other laws. It assumes an increase in the amount of the minimum old-age pension, the total incapacity for work pension, the family and social pension, as well as the lowest partial incapacity for work pension.

– We are implementing new pillars of the government’s supreme policy – emphasized Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at the press conference after the cabinet meeting.

The government announced that in 2023 the rules for indexing pensions will be changed. Some will be subject to a quota increase, others to a percentage increase. The guaranteed pension increase is a total of PLN 250, i.e. PLN 227.50 per side. The bill stipulates that people on the minimum pension can count on this increase. Currently, the total is PLN 1,338.44, as of March 2023 The interest is the total increase to PLN 1588.44.

We already know how much the minimum pension will be in 2023, but also how much pensions and disability pensions for Poles may increase from March next year. You can read detailed accounts in the gallery below.

It is happening in Poland and in the world – read on

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