Viewers are shocked by this couple if we still love each other

The second season of the highly anticipated reality docuseries If we still loved each other Launched tonight, and viewers have already responded in droves to the couple's move!

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We met two of the four couples in the first episode of this second season, which aired this evening on April 29, namely the pairing of Kristelle and Gino and Stephanie and Kevin.

Louis ChigoinAn expert in relationship support will help them throughout the season to improve their relationship issues.

If the couple Kristel and Gino need to improve their communication, many problems created by Stephanie and Kevin cause the public to react on social networks.

In fact, in these, we learned that Kevan had been cheating on his partner of 18 years — and the mother of his children — with the latter's childhood friend. If he Flirted With this friend right in front of her partner's eyes, Stephanie could see them making out in Kevin's garage because there was a surveillance camera filming the whole thing.

Here are some comments collected on social networks about their situation:

“Hey, it's off to a rough start this year.”

“It started strong in your, off.”

“I hope he knows how lucky he is.”

“Pity her, she seems like a nice person.”


“Stop accepting this nonsense and respect yourself.”

“Poor girl, she didn't deserve this.”

“He should have gone with a wonderful friend, so Stephanie would have a better life. She could get rid of two hypocrites and move on in life.

“Wow, it's emotional!!!!”

“Sinful material.”


If we still loved each other Airs Monday through Thursday at 7pm on TVA and TVA+.

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