A large company announces layoffs at factories in Greater Poland.  "We have exhausted the possibilities of making production more flexible"

The Velux group decided to start the process of reducing workers in factories in Gniezno. Negotiations with trade unions are underway to find the best possible solutions for the affected workers.

Velux produces window fittings, skylights, technical solutions and window accessories. In Gniezno, windows and fittings are produced in two factories. In addition, production takes place in Namysłów, and the company is headquartered in Warsaw.

Since the summer months of 2022, the Velux Group has noticed a slowdown in sales in key European markets, as a result of the current, difficult and uncertain macroeconomic situation. As a result, warehouses of finished products were full and production was limited. As a result, the VELUX group decided The process of reducing labor in factories in Gniezno begins.

Negotiations began with trade unions to find the best possible solutions for the affected workers. Details will be provided after the talks are over.

Over the past few months, in light of increased economic uncertainty, Velux has taken steps to adapt its production capacity to the current situation. At the Velux plant in Gniezno, from September 19 – for eight weeks – a 4-day working week was introduced to reduce the number of production days.

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