Did Denis Villeneuve expect Stilgar from Dune to become a meme?  'He is a tragic figure'

Sand Dunes: Part Two It is one of the loudest and most well-received films in recent months. Denis Villeneuve's epic show was praised by critics for its visuals, and viewers remembered it, among other things: for its interesting and unforgettable characters. One of the heroesWhich was particularly admired by the audience Javiera Bardema Stilgar.

This is a character that contrasts with Chani Zendaya, because although the girl from the beginning had no illusions that Paul Atreides was not the Messiah, Stilgar is convinced that the prophet spoken of in the prophecies has come. The hero's blind faith in Paul is presented and repeated in an almost comical manner Stilgar's “Tongue of the Unseen” has inspired countless memes.

In his latest interview New York times Denis Villeneuve revealed his opinion about the character played by Javier Bardem and the viewers' reception of it. As it turns out, the comedy of this character was planned by the director. In the interview, the director was asked if he was surprised by the fan reaction and the emergence of humorous memes. The Creator confirmed that it was not so.

I'm so happy when you say she's a tragic character. To me, he is the most tragic character ever. The idea of ​​bringing humor into a hero like Stilgar was to make him a wizard, and give him humanity. He's not strict, he has a big heart. But his beliefs, faith, and reactions bring humor. This is what I love about making science fiction films, because I can talk about false religion without offending people. I composed all the prayers myself, so I know they are fake. I find Stilgar very funny and when people laugh it makes me happy because that was my intention.

He had this dream his whole life. So I suggested that every time someone comes from the outside, who is charismatic, he comes in [Stilgar – dop. red.] He hopes to finally find her [mesjasza – dop. red.].

I think no one was surprised by this view of religiosity and blind faith Stilgar from a certain distance was planned entirely by the director. We could have expected this, because Denis Villeneuve paid attention to the smallest details of the show, including, among other things: the Fremen language.

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